christine kwon,

technical developer

as the technical developer my responsibility was to create a website and an app for our product. i was responsible for maintaining and sharing a technical understanding of the development of any software required for our project. i am a quick and dedicated learner when it comes to new skills that i can improve on and is willing to learn any new programming languages, as an example building an app, to develop any software needed for our project.

Skills and experience:

i am proficient in photoshop, maya, and unity. I have experience working with wordpress and bootstrap for website building. i also enjoy graphic design that ties to the creative side of website/app building. come check out my portfolio website that I built using HTML, CSS, and javascrip.

tasks and deliverables:

my task and deliverables were to build a website and an app for our project in addition to developing any software needed. all aspects of the website and the app will be professional and cohesive from my end.

christine kwon

li anne harris,

content writer and presenter

as the content writer and presenter, i wrote most of the content for the app, website, posters, and anything that we create in order to communicate our ideas with the augmented reality project. as the presenter, i have conducted the majority of our class presentations including the final presentation. i enjoy speaking in front of people and communicating ideas in an organized, eloquent and effective manner.

skills and experience:

i have experience working with public speaking and appreciate working with people. i believe presentation is important, especially when communicating new, innovative ideas. i enjoy working with people and presenting material i am confident with. i am good at articulating ideas and thinking strategically with ideation at the core. i write well and would enjoy expressing our ideas through written and verbal content. i know my way around inDesign, photoshop and coding, but minimal.

tasks and deliverables:

for my tasks and deliverables i have been drafting the content needed for the project. i also have been heavily involved in the presentations: the proposal presentation, wireframe presentation, beta presentation, and the final booth presentation at SLAM.

Li Anne

crystal mussenden,

creative director and graphic designer

as the creative director, i have overseen all external components of the project to ensure that they each align with our brand and our chosen mission. i have promoted a strong brand by editing and reviewing all copy and graphic components before submission or publication. i was also responsible for research and content analysis at every stage of our project to ensure usefulness and impact in the world of augmented reality.

skills and experience:

i have had four internships where writing and design have been my main focus. i built my own portfolio website using wordpress and am very familiar with adobe photoshop and inDesign.

tasks and deliverables:

i served as the lead designer working on all graphic design components, and creating a project trailer. i also worked with li anne on all copy as an editor and researcher to ensure all information is accurate and pertinent.


daniella ramirez,

project manager

as the project manager, i was responsible for making sure that things were moving in the right direction, keeping everyone on track and ensuring effective communication amongst all team members. i also served as a support system to each of my team members, ensuring that we all feel accompanied throughout the life of the project.

skills and experience:

i love design and logistics! my design background allows me to play around with illustrator, inDesign and photoshop, something I like to do for fun even. i also really enjoy working with cameras and photo editing tools to enhance pictures and tell visual stories. on the other hand, i love to dive deep and zoom in and out of projects to do the little things, like finalize crucial details and ensuring consistency across every point of a project. come check my portfolio website for more information.

tasks and deliverables:

in my role, i was in charge of heading up a few different things including drafting a project plan proposal and updating our team contract as necessary and ensuring that all team members are being held accountable to predetermined standards. i understand however that my work is not solely limited to the items mentioned above. any additional efforts will be manifested through the deliverables of my fellow group members.